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(11/08/19): 2 rescued after Uber driver veers into NY swimming
(8/29/19): Every Parent’s Nightmare: A Teenage Girl and an Uber Driver With His Own Plan
(7/23/19): Lyft driver accused of groping rider in Hamburg parking lot
(6/25/19): Uber Driver Sentenced After Kidnapping Sleeping NYC Passenger
(04/22/19) Uber Passenger On Way To Abortion Ditched By Driver Midway Through
(01/31/19): (11/29/18) Gay couple accuses Uber driver of ‘hate-filled assault’
(11/20/18) Martha Stewart’s First Uber Experience Was a Complete Disaster
(11/07/18) Lyft refused to give cops name of driver accused of masturbating during ride with teen
(11/07/18) Mom of Teen Who Died ‘Car Surfing’ on an Uber: ‘The Adult Should Have Said, “That’s a Bad Decision”
(10/16/18) Uber Driver Kidnapped and Groped Woman, Prosecutors Say. She Was Billed $1,047
(9/9/18) Mom: Disabled son taken on joy ride by Uber driver to boost fare price
(7/31/18) 4 Hurt After Uber Driver Jumps Curb, Plows Into Phone Store, Busy Restaurant in Chelsea: Police
(7/18/18) Uber driver fired after passenger claims he urinated in bottle
(7/12/18) Rye Brook: Uber driver faces new sex abuse charge
(06/14/18) Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of Car
(05/27/18) Uber Driver Hits Parked Cars, Flips on Lower East Side
(12/12/17) Uber driver exposed himself to passenger, police say
(11/07/17): Blind couple claims Uber driver denied them a ride
(11/01/17): Accused NYC terrorist worked as Uber, Lyft driver
(9/23/16): An Uber Operator Allegedly Laughed at a Man for Calling to Report a Sexual Assault
(8/30/16): After Apathetic First Response, Cops Arrest Uber & Lyft Driver Who Allegedly Assaulted Cyclist
(6/1/16): Woman, 24, robbed by fake Manhattan Uber driver who threatened to rape, shoot her
(5/24/16): NBA Draft prospect narrowly escapes death after Uber car blows into pieces
(4/05/16): Rider Crashes Uber Car Amid Cop Chase as Real Driver Awakens
(2/29/16): Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting Brooklyn woman, exposing himself
(2/01/16): Uber Drivers Plan To Strike To Protest Company’s Fare Cuts
(1/27/16): Manhattan Uber driver arrested for beating passenger’s service dog
(5/11/15): False Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Passenger in Manhattan
(4/30/15): New York Woman Says Uber Driver Grabbed, Assaulted Her
(3/10/15): Manhattan Uber Driver Strikes and Kills Pedestrian
(12/13/14): Uber Driver Takes Woman On Nightmare $293 Zigzagging Odyssey
(3/28/14): New York-based Journalist Sexually Harassed and Stalked by Uber Driver