RideResponsibly is dedicated to providing the facts on the ride-hailing industry and the present concerns and risks for drivers and passengers. Annually, RideResponsibly releases a public service announcement addressing the latest concerns of how the practices of many ride-hail service providers are affecting the safety and privacy of the American people, while these companies offer absolutely no accountability for their actions. From topics such as the terms and conditions that remain unread by many who use these services to the vetting of drivers (or lack thereof), it is the goal and objective of RideResponsibly to inform and alert the public on the truth of what is happening behind the wheel and behind the walls of these companies.

2018 Public Service Announcement- Terms and Conditions 

2018 Public Service Announcement- The Closer

2018 Public Service Announcement- The Signs

2016/2017 Public Service Announcement- The Driving Game

2015 Public Service Announcement- Digital Hitchhiking